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Jean Claude Chalhoub - Business Leader

Jean Claude Chalhoub (page web : Aliaz), after joining his father's business and learning each and every aspect of the company as an employee, was picked by his father to assist him in running the business. Chalhoub had the ideal launching platform as the business was already established and had expanded in more than four world regions. With an eye on lasting prosperity, he developed several more chains of the company. The business was further expanded when Jean Claude Chalhoub ventured into unexplored regions, such as France, Canada and Latin America.

Educational Experience

Beginning his academic studies in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub ultimately moved to France to begin his bachelor's degree in economics. His father and mother being from two unique backgrounds aided him in making use of their varied languages and cultures, learning from their experiences. Close customer relationships, along with understanding, are two important things that he has the power to provide you with as a result of his education and language skills. Jean Claude Chalhoub's education helped him significantly while adapting and learning as a business entrepreneur and leader.

Born in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub comes from a business-oriented household. While growing up he was a great part of the lives of his loved ones. Owing to his Lebanese father and Italian mother, Jean Claude Chalhoub sampled many aspects of very different cultures while maturing.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Personal Skills

Members of his family, clients and partners alike are likely to gladly co-operate with Jean Claude Chalhoub, due to his remarkable communication capabilities and capacity to understand complicated problems. Jean Claude Chalhoub`s unique attributes make him the appropriate head of his father's and family's business. He can use a number of languages, a talent that makes it possible for him to communicate successfully with clients.

Jean Claude Chalhoub decided to buy his own horse (which has participated in racing competitions worldwide) in order to supplement his enthusiasm for horse racing. The planet is full of remarkable locations and sights that captivate him, so he travels often. Horse racing is one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s hobbies, as is sailing the ocean. He also really likes to explore around the world. He has a huge love for being at sea and regularly sails his own boats.